What is a Logo?

A logo is a marketing tool used to quickly identify your brand. Think of the golden arches or the swoosh or that little blue globe made up of simple curved lines.

Did you instantly understand the reference to McDonald's, Nike and AT&T?

That's the power of a logo. That's why you need a logo.

Logos make even the smallest business look bigger, more professional and more credible.

How Do I Get Started?

We start with gaining a deeper understanding of your business. Where it's been. Where it's going. What your goals are. What your competitors are doing. The better we understand your business, the better the logo fits.

We then take into account all of the predictable uses you have for the logo. Where will it be applied? Who will be seeing it? What formats will it need to translate into?

Then we get to work.

What is the Creative Process?

After we complete the initial assessment, we like to design anywhere from 2 to 4 logo concepts and then review those with you. These concepts usually appear about midway through the budget. Our goal at this point is to show you ideas that line up with any original vision that you had in mind plus new ideas generated from our fertile creative talent pool.

Generally, at this point, we can eliminate some, keep some and tweak some. We come to agreement as to where the final design needs to go and then, we go back to work to create the final design.

How Much Will My Logo Cost?

Once we have gone through the initial process, we can quote a reasonable price range based on the projected time to complete.

A very basic logo might cost $300 to $500.

A more involved logo might run as high as $2,000.

Both of these numbers are less common than somewhere in the middle.

Remember, your logo is the basis for every other marketing step you take. The strongest buildings are built on the firmest foundations.